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He is the husband of Athina Mikaelson-Labonair. Through his marriage he is the son-in-law of Alaina Olsen and Cyrus Labonair. He is the half brother-in-law of Hayden Olsen-Phillips. Henrik is the younger brother of Freya Mikaelsdottir Henrik Niklaus Mikaelson II is a main character on Legacies, he was a former major recurring character inThe Originalsbefore being promoted to a main character in thefifth season. Henrik is the tribrid son of ofNiklaus MikaelsonandHayley Marshall-Kenner. He is the twin brother of Hope Mikaelson, the paternal half brother of William Forbes-Mikaelson, and the step-brother of Lizzie and Josie Henrik (In Elder Futhark: ᚺᛖᚾᚱᛁᚲ) is the Scandinavian version of "Henry", meaning "ruler of the home". [1] Mikaelson (In Elder Futhark: ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) is Scandinavian and means "Son of Mikael".

Henrik mikaelson

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Family Relationships: Niklaus Mikaelson. Niklaus was presumably the favorite brother of Henrik. They both loved each other and Henrik admired Klaus, as his older brother. They went to see the werewolves transform during a full moon, which was fatal - resulted in Henrik's Henrik Mikaelson - Serie TSRP. 157 likes. Henrik Mikelson- Serie Role Player de la página *.* team salvatore*.* Devon Allowitz is an actor who played Henrik Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. His father, Michael A. Allowitz is a director for The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies.

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Henrik mikaelson

Claes-Henrik Mikaelson Ahlberg Uppsala, 41 år -

Basically I am a roleplayer and my character is Henrik Mikaelson. I created this video solely for that purpose. Now I have included Follow. Everything that followed was because of Niklaus' obsession with the wolves!

Efternamn. Mikaelson Förnamn. Karl Herm. Henrik  8.52 kg; Erik Johansson, 8.30 kg; Carl Mikaelson, 11.00 kg; Jonas Classon, 8.50 kg; Henrik Andersson, 9.20 kg; Björn Zachau, 9.00 kg; Jon Persson, 10.20 kg  Niklaus Mikaelson The Vampire Diaries Wiki FANDOM ~ Klaus was an and Henrik Mikaelson and uncle of an unnamed and unborn nephew. Henrik Mickelsson Erkki (född Jatko) 1814-1887; Lena Kajsa el Helena Katarina Paulus Mikaelson Erkki 1855-; H Simon Mikaelson Erkki 1860-1876  May 2018) Victoria Mikaelson is the twin sister of Niklaus and half sister of Elijah, Rebekah, Freya, Kol, Finn and Henrik.But she is kind of different from Klaus. henrik mikaelson fanfiction vinyasa-yoga-asana-class. suwon city map FB_IMG_1512334853329.
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Henrik mikaelson

Namn Hollin, Johan Henrik Fam. nr 135 Mikaelson, Per Johan, f. 1867 i Tranemo Fam. nr 197. Fam. nr 197 Landegren, Karl Henrik Viktor, f. 1870 i  Emil Mikaelson.

18,761 likes · 4 talking about this. »eenie, meenie, miney, mo; you ain't nothing but a hoe.« [ » ; Paragraph - Roleplayer / Fan - page Henrik Mikaelson. 1,145 likes.
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Henrik Mikaelson Facebook

A man and two women stood in front of a fresh grave. The grave belonged to Henrik Mikaelson who was the brother and son of the man and woman. When the moon reached the highest point in the sky one of the women began to speak. Woman: It is time. Fan made video of what could happen if Henrik was brought back by Freya. Clips From: The Vampire Diaries, High School Musical 3 and The OriginalsSongs: 3 Do Henrik Mikaelson.

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Henrik's death was the catalyst for the spell Esther did to make the rest of her  Henrik Ivar Mikaelson was born on month day 991, at birth place. Henrik had 8 siblings.

rolf scamander . bill weasley . james potter . walburga black . orion black . druella  Minnesanteckningar Föräldraråd F-5 Södra Ängby skola 14 mars 2012Närvarande: Johan Mikaelson och Henrik Kroon, samt Jenny Kvarnholt  I slutet av september livesände ABF ett seminarium på FB, där redaktörerna Henrik Schedin och Johan Mikaelson medverkade.